A "Petit Careme Villa" Wedding

A wedding is a very special time for the bride and groom when everything should be beautiful and peaceful.  Why not consider a wedding at “Petit Careme Villa” with all the frills arranged by your very own wedding planner; or a small intimate wedding with you and your friends making this the wedding you always dreamed of?

We can recommend a wedding planner from Tobago with all the necessary items, wedding cake, caterer, flowers, decorations, DJ,  etc. all coming from Tobago, or a small group of steel pan players for your guests pleasure.  Alternately you can bring all your own wedding goods with you.

The apartment and the villa is the perfect combination for a wedding.  If you have guests from abroad, the couple has the privacy of the apartment and the guests rent the large villa.  We can also arrange another villa on the compound for any additional guests, or you can arrange the guests, DJ, and caterer to use the apartment leaving the villa for the wedding couple. 

With a small wedding of 25 or less guests the villa verandah is perfect as it can hold the tables, chairs, head table, and all the items that go into making the perfect wedding clustered on the verandah.  A large wedding can be held on the grounds under tents (in case it rains), with the ceremony in any of several areas around the villa.

I have posted photos of a few of the weddings which were held at the villa over the years.  Each photo will give you some idea of what can be arranged at or around the villa.

“Petit Careme Villa” is also available for shower parties, tea parties, and other special functions that you may wish to host.  It is the perfect location having the large living area and outdoor verandah to enhance the experience.

I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your wedding plans.