Tobago is cool, serene and green - lush tropical rain forests and the mystery of the seas. Go diving with Mantas and meet a people with a quiet pride and a relaxed way of life, rich folklore and customs and a unique history. Have an authentic Tobago Wedding and complete the picture of the perfect vacation. The ideal getaway...

Come home to Tobago and restore your spirit.

Batteaux BayLocated at the end of a 1000-km (620-mi) sweep of islands on the eastern boundary of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago are just 11 km (6.8 mi) and 31 km (19 mi) off the coast of Venezuela, respectively. Despite this, there's surprisingly little South American influence - instead the country draws most strongly from its British, African and East Indian heritage.

Location maps showing the position of Tobago within the Caribbean and Petit Careme Villa within Tobago are available here.

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